Booking Terms

It is our recommendation that the following terms and conditions are completely understood before making a model booking. Our agencies standard practices for booking are governed by the below booking terms.
SUBJECT TO CONTRACT: Until our standard booking agreement or other agreed contract has been signed, no agreement has been concluded.


Full day - 8 working hours, this includes hair and makeup prep time
Half day - 4 working hours, this includes hair and makeup prep time
Minimum booking - 2 hours for stills, 4 hours for television and commercial - past 15 minutes charged as half hour.
Past 12 midnight to 6am - charged as double Meal break - 30 minute minimum (client is responsible for the model's meals on full day bookings and outside the city)


All images of the model are permitted to be used only for what is negotiated in the original discussions and agreements. Any further usage is NOT permitted, including farming out or trading to other companies or people, or posting on personal websites, blogs etc unless previously agreed to and put in writing. Please note the models are NOT authorized to sign release forms without the agency having first approved them. Any form signed by models, that were not approved by the agency, will not be valid. Outdoor Applications have a separate charge per year.


All model rates are negotiated separately, and apply to shooting time only. All other usage is to be negotiated beforehand with the agency, re - use for a period exceeding one year without authorization shall be billed automatically.


All invoices are to be paid within 30 days of the models job or receiving our invoice, whichever comes first. Interest will be charged at 2% per month on all accounts not paid within 30 days.

Lingerie & Underwear

Client must specify the type of lingerie at time of booking and these sessions must be done on a closed set. Bras, panties, body stockings and sheer lingerie will be charged at double.

Make-Up & Hair Dressing

Considered as part of shooting time and will be billed at the hourly rate.

Travel Time

Travel time will be charged at half the model's hourly rate. Whenever models are required to be at locations not easily accessible by public transport the client is responsible for traveling expenses incurred beyond public transport point such as car service and taxi etc.

First Option Bookings

If the client does not release or confirm the booking 48 hours in advance, the agency reserves the right to cancel the option. If our model took a day off from work or their "day" job to work your job, and then is no longer needed by you, The agreed rate must be paid in full as they are losing a day's pay at work.

Weather Permit Bookings / Postponement

The weather permit - option must be stated at the time of the booking, postponement requires at least 24 hrs notice, otherwise a 50% charge will be made. First postponement - no charge if job is rescheduled within 7 days.
Second postponement - half charge
Third postponement - full charge
All postponements will be charged at the full rate if the same model is not re - booked.

Restrictions On A Model

A special buyout charge will apply when the work is in connection with a product which prevents the model to work for competing products. It's the client's responsibility to check product booking with us for conflicts.


Clients are advised to provide insurance coverage for models working on locations both local and overseas.


The agency acts for and on behalf of the models and whist making every endeavour to provide a satisfactory and efficient service we cannot be held ultimately responsible for a model's conduct on an assignment.